1. Cheapskate 2021

Cheap skate is a publication made in collaboration with Noor Boiten. Together we made a 50+ paged zine in a short amount of time. We finished our previous projects and decided to make a experimental 2000 inspired zine.
We started from nothing and build a cataloque of hundreds of photo’s, collages, illustrations and 3d- renders which we put together in a physical hand binded zine. A small amount of zines were produced within a week of time. We titled the first project ‘’Cheap Skate’’.

For more info click ‘’Cheapskate’’.

2. Schadepost 2022

Schadepost is a collaboration publication between 4 other fellow illustration students. Together we worked on realizing a handmade zine packed with many extra’s, such as a screen-printed cover, fold-out pages, stickers, screenprinted CD-single with Paulien Kraaijeveld her song ‘’Bankrupt’’. And DVD with the documentary about non-profit venue’s located all around the Netherlands made by Abeltje Vrijdag.

The publication is about the bad luck generation by the bad luck generation. originally in dutch ‘’over de pechgeneratie door de pechgeneratie’’.
For more info click ‘’Schadepost’’.