Schadepost is a collaboration publication between 4 other fellow illustration students. Together we worked on realizing a handmade zine packed with many extra’s, such as a screen-printed cover, fold-out pages, stickers, screenprinted CD-single with Paulien Kraaijeveld her song ‘’Bankrupt’’. And DVD with the documentary about non-profit venue’s located all around the Netherlands made by Abeltje Vrijdag.

The publication is about the bad luck generation by the bad luck generation. originally in dutch ‘’over de pechgeneratie door de pechgeneratie’’. 

I started my contribution from the big question. What is next? Are my concerns about the future as an art student real and how do other fellow students view this?
In time of high student debts and a shattered house market, there is plenty to worry about.
To to view more perceptions about this topic i talked with Lena Herzog, Marit Dekker and Nikita Leo. Together we discussed recognizable struggles, such as not daring to look at the amount of your student debt and almost not able to dream about having your own house later.

I registered illustrations of themselves and or a part of their room with colorpencil and fineliner.

Special thanks to:
Marit @marit.dekkerr
Lena @_lena_herzog_
Nikita @rozeglitters

Fellow contributors for ‘’Schadepost’’.
Jimmy @crazy_art_bruv
Abeltje @incapabeltje
jettie @_jettie_
Paulien @lawaaikraai