‘’Nestbewakers’’ 2022
colored pencil on paper 50 x 70cm

‘’Ik zweef als een zwaluw op drie kilometer hoog’’ 2023
colorpencil on A1 sized paper

You used to be dark blue, now just a pale imitation of the Ikea that can't even darken the sun. Flew out the window to Breda where it couldn't survive for long.

I've given up everything I've held close to me. Garbage bags full of clothes, furniture, duvet covers and knick-knacks so I could float around the city more lightly. From place to place.

In the end I didn't like it much and I didn't fly very far either. I hang still like a swallow taking a nap at 3 kilometers high. Wake up because the light is already shining through again.

‘’Opgevangen’’ and ‘’Het zwarte gat’’
colorpencil on A4 sized paper 2022. 

Currently for display at St. Joost Breda.

‘’When i move some of my belongings go with me’’  and ‘’Verstrengeld’’
colored pencil on paper 2022.

‘’Untitled’’ and ‘’New chapter’’ digital drawing
2022 (currently for display at St. Joost Breda).

‘’New Chapter’’ displays my girlfriend and I together with made up characters in what the title suggests a new fase. When I moved to the 3rd home in a year time I landed in the middle of the city of Breda. The place where it buzzes with energy and new people I had to combine this energy with my new view. 

Kamer te Brabantplein

Group of  6 pencil drawing drawings that showcast me and my room. the second place that i lived on my own that everybody except me called 'my home'. Where the concept of home got an alienated meaning for me and where my belongings tried to regain the feeling of home. In order to get back the feeling of home i needed to distance from some of the belongings.

A4 / A3 sized pencil drawings on paper, 2021.

‘’Ik en de verdwenen rook’’ and ‘’untitled’’ pencil on A4 sized paper, 2023

‘’Het gordijn was eerst donkerblauw’’ colorpencil on A4 sized paper, 2023.