Cohesie translated ‘’Cohesion’’ is a publication about the current art and culture sector in Breda. Presenting our view about the current situation in the city of Breda where the local authority created less place for breeding grounds and their artist over time.

With the publication Cohesie we presented a bunch of events happening in those breeding grounds and gave fellow artist a platform to present themselfs and their view about the subject. With the aim for more togetherness between those places and the artist to create a more vibrant terrain in the city of Breda. 

‘’Het moet en kan anders!’’ or ‘’It must and can be different!’’

Realised by:

design / Elisa van Maaren
Sticker design / Len Falk
Posterdesign / Joeri Ista
Manifesto and Curator / Justin Ugochukwu

Featured artist:
Axel Geurts
Jesse Paauwe & Stijn Ros 
Kelly Christogiannis